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Contact Person: Ms. Isaree Teeranorasase

Contact Number: (662) 586 0874, (668) 9 816 4474

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INNERROOM is an Asian lifestyle product company that focuses on holistic approach to exotic touch and welling. Our brands Maya Home Ambience, Maya Car Perfume, Gaya herbs on body and Gaya Thai herbal heritage aim to fulfil and enrich every aspects of contemporary lifestyle with an Asia touch. Our philosophy is to create a product that inspire by traditional, culture and the finest natural active ingredients are balanced with the latest scientific research and technology to make a better living for the ultimate lifestyle experience. With over a decade of continuous excellence in providing award- winning design excellent.

INNER ROOM CO.,LTD, a company based in Bangkok, has distribution in oversea and continue to worldwide.


  1. Maya Home Ambience
  2. Maya Car Perfume

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