Company Name: KPN Material Co.,Ltd

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Contact Person: Mr.Natpakkawat Songpholratchanon

Contact Number: +66874226256 ,+66619949828

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 We are the specialist in Hair Recovery using Herbal Extract Brand “Magic Root ( Herballies) Hair Tonic ,Shampoo and Treatment, in Skincare focusing on Anti-Aging (Immediately and long term  hydration)with Organic skincare , and in Spa Specialist ,Professional Natural organic massage oil ,professional  organic Facial treatment set , scrub ,amenities etc.


  1. Magic Root ( Herballies ) Hair Tonic with shampoo& Hair Mask for hair recovery and turn white hair to grey & black hair.
  2. Lamone Organic Skincare Anti-aging for the people don’t want to do Botox.
  3. Lamone Organic Massage oil / Natural Scrub/Amenities  : Customized by customer ,SPA Hotel is our Target

Type of company looking to meet in Malaysia:

  1. Guardien Retai Department store or retail store.
  2. Marriott Spa ,Spa Hotel five star or six star
  3. Pharmacy .

Level of Decision maker: 

  1. Owner
  2. Spa Manager or Management level of Spa
  3. Purchasing Manager

Type of relationship you are looking to establish

  1. Sole distributer
  2.  agent
  3. Partner

Additional info:

Now we have new products for easy launching as small set trial

  1. Lamone exclusive boosting lift set ( Feel difference just after first application)
  2. Lamone Eye cream 10g
  3. Lamone Clear face10g
  4. Lamone Aroma Soap 35g ( elephant soap; Skin soft & more hydration )

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