Company Name: Siam Celadon Pottery Co., Ltd.

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Contact Person: Ms.Thapanee Uamcheep

Contact Number: +66 53 331 526

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Siam Celadon Company is an environmental preservation company, by using natural raw material. Since celadon is a special kind of ceramics, using natural raw material; wood ash, local clay, natural color. The product is free of toxins
and conservation, with a focus on celadon with the unique crackled jade- colored glaze, our glaze is the traditional wood ashes green glaze called Celadon Green, Siam Green and also blue glaze.


  1. Tableware
  2. Coffee and Tea set
  3. Home Decor

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  1. Hotel and Restaurant
  2. Distributor
  3. Wholesaler

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  1. Purchasing Manager
  2. Owner
  3. Buyer

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  1.  Sole distributor
  2. Agent

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