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Strategic PartnersWhether you’re promoting a new product, announcing an organizational change or launching a new marketing campaign, you can leverage PR Newswire’s distribution network to send press releases. PR Newswire’s global distribution network provides the right visibility and reach for your message, covering every corner of the globe. Your news release can be in rich formats that attract audiences’ attention and encourage interaction and sharing

“We live in the age of Crisis, there are those who are able to manage this and there are those who will become a case study” The Crisis Management Centre was established to assist governments, organisations and individuals better manage crisis. During a crisis there are many aspects that need to be addressed from stakeholder engagement to the legal aspects of what is happening to the organisation. A key aspect is perception both public and stakeholder perception of what is going on is imperative to manage.

Development PartnersEmjay Communications is a leading communications company that has operated in Malaysia for several years.  With excellent linkages to the local and international media the team at Emjay Communications has been able to deliver results for public and private sector clients. 
DPZ Asia has focused on urban design working collaboration with numerous expertise from around the world both from the network of New Urbanist planners and Architects. All of the work of the firm, from urban redevelopment to residential neighborhood design, from long range master planning to design guidelines, is undertaken with a clear focus and uncompromising quality. This is the driving force behind each project ensuring a truly comprehensive design process.

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Tomorrow’s Leaders Summit was established to provide a focal point for enhancement of tomorrow’s leaders in all fields of endeavor making a positive contribution to the society, to enhance and promote this important sector as a requirement for sustained development and to gather global experts, leaders and specialists to share their views, knowledge and expertise to develop thought leadership. 

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Media OutReach is the first full-service newswire company in Asia Pacific offering a totally integrated service of press release distribution and media monitoring with analysis service for the public relations and investors relations communities. Founded in 2009, the company is headquartered in Hong Kong with office in Singapore.


The Human Capital Review is a media brand dedicated to the development of human capital, with a simple approach of “Building People, Building the Future”. The Human Capital Review focuses on news and views that are effecting those managing our most important resource, our people.

Business is about making money, it takes a certain type of person to be a business leader and business people have a certain lifestyle that includes access to the best in life. ‘The work hard play hard’ approach leaves many looking for the rewards of hard work with a lifestyle that can only be afforded by successful people.

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