LEED rating is showing its presence across Asian countries stronger than ever. A skyscraper in Guangzhou, China, The Pearl River Tower, gained much of its credibility as China’s greenest building structure by acquiring the highest rating in LEED, labeled as the LEED CS Platinum certification.


The Pearl River Tower is a 71 storey skyscraper and the first project in Guangzhou, China, to have passed the LEED CS Platinum certification – the highest LEED rating. As an eco-friendly smart building, this building attracts many multinational enterprises.

The innovative green initiatives, including the net zero energy concept that has been applied to the building, have gained global attention. With the collaboration of structural architecture with sustainable engineering practices, this 309 meter tower incorporates an array of cutting-edge eco-friendly technologies and advanced engineering to redefine a sustainable design.

The Pearl River tower is completed with radiant ceiling cooling system, solar panels, double glazing curtain wall, demand based ventilation air and daylight responsive controls, which all contribute to the building’s energy efficiency infrastructure.

With its holistic sustainable architecture and green elements all featured together in one building form, The Pearl River Tower is considered as China’s first green skyscraper and China’s greenest building to date.



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