“Malaysia imports over USD 15 Billion of food annually and exports far less, this is a major problem that needs to be address as the country moves forward with it’s vision of a developed nation”

The MGBF Food Security Initiative will be based on the following strategic reponses to ensure that multiple stakeholders are engaged and that a consolidated effort can be made   

  • Improved stakeholder interaction to increased engagement through relationship building and data management.
  • Improved understanding of the market challenges and opportunities through research and increased involvement of global subject matter experts.
  • Improvement of the supply chain with a focus on science, technology and innovation to improve efficiency.
  • Increased access to the various financial resources needed to empower the projects.
  • A focus on the need for improved human capital development.
  • A sustainable approach which will take into consideration the social, economic and environment aspects in both a local and global context.
  • The development of policy and planning recommendations to the various stakeholders.
  • An interactive communications plan with the direct involvement of the media to ensure a broader awareness of the situation.

The Malaysia Global Business Forum will be holding a series of strategic roundtables and stakeholder engagements to bring increased clarity to the situation. While there is a need to improve the levels of food production in the country which will only come through increased investment throughout the value chain, the more that stakeholders have a chance to meet and chart the future the higher rate of success.

The Malaysia Global Business Forum is proud to invite buyers to the upcoming “Round Table: “Challenge and Opportunities in the Food & Agriculture Sectors” which is organised by the Malaysia Australia Business Council and the Australian High Commission. Key presentations include:

Key Learning Presentation:
Emerging Global Trends in Food Retailing “What buyers need to know”

Buyers Engagement Presentation:
Buyer’s Mission to South Australia

Round Table Discussion:
“Challenge and Opportunities in the Food & Agriculture Sectors”

Keynote Presentation:
Policy & Programs “Development of Halal in the new Malaysia”

The Malaysia Global Business Forum will be holding a business matching session from the 24th to the 26th October for inward delegations in the food and agriculture industry. Delegates will be able to meet with 7 confirmed buyers and attend one networking event during this 3 day period.

The Malaysia Global Business Forum will ensure that all delegates will be able to:

  • meet with 7 confirmed buyers attend 1 networking event
  • Host product information on a dedicated page
  • receive a post event report (Fee USD 580)

*Please note for those companies utilising the MGBF business matching services outside these dates the fee will be USD1,000.

To participate in this important event, please contact us.


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