SINGAPOREJan. 26, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Ink, created by Ink Labs Foundation, launched the blockchain application developer platform INKstone on January 24. The platform is currently in beta version, and provides app developers with convenient blockchain infrastructure services. The Singapore-based venture will announce pioneering participants and key partners in February 2018. Moreover, an intellectual property (IP) Exchange will launch in mid-April 2018.

INKstone, a Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform, helps developers build and debug distributed applications in blockchain environments. Features include:

1.) One-click Blockchain Network Deployment — The first version supports INK Consortium Blockchain cluster, Hyperledger Fabric cluster and other blockchain development environments.

2.) Flexibility in Blockchain Configuration — Multiple blockchain configurations are optional to support developers’ preferences as needed.

3.) Visual Presentation of Content — Users can view a visual presentation of blockchain network topology, block information, transaction information and smart contract information.

4.) Smart Contract One-Stop Management — The platform provides smart contract upload, management, deployment and invocations.

5.) Issuance and Circulation of Assets — The platform also includes the functions of account management, supporting for high-efficiency value transfer, content distribution, intellectual property remuneration and other creative industry applications.

INKstone’s future development is divided into three levels:

  • Widen Platform Capacity — Besides Fabric and INK Consortium Blockchain, also support more development environments such as Qtum, Ethereum, EOS, cross-chain clusters.
  • Longitudinal-Focused Developer Services — Provide more user levels, smart contract IDE and log-viewing based on the application development cycle around the core needs of developers.
  • Three-Dimensional Expansion of Blockchain Services — Launch DApp store and enterprise-level blockchain service platform. Build a product matrix to provide three-dimensional blockchain platform services.

The second version is expected to launch in March with innovation features introduced thereafter. That includes the addition of the Qtum development environment, contract editing, log-viewing, user experience optimization and more.

About Ink

Ink seeks to become content creators’ blockchain-supported platform and the first comprehensive ecosystem that links the global creative marketplace. It features the world’s first intellectual property (IP) blockchain, and could become the Qtum of the content industry. The project’s mission is to maximize the earnings, potential and discoverability of content creators around the globe while distinguishing and rewarding high-quality content. The Singapore-based firm aims to redefine roles, content and behaviors within the creative industry to achieve an efficient content exchange system.

The Ink platform presents a unique Intellectual Property Asset Exchange that will assist creators in converting their original work into liquid assets. Content creators will be able to produce, file, safeguard, discover, trade, market and distribute original content. The trading platform allows content creators to generate more earnings, seize more opportunities and become more discoverable while protecting ownership and control of their intellectual property.

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