Online shopping continues an upward trend in Australia but the majority of shoppers ditch their cart at the online checkout, according to surprising new data from SAP. Research into stock availability, price comparisons and wish-list browsing keep many Aussies clicking, however 90% of all customers still prefer human contact.







Research into consumer behaviour from recent months shows Australians are embracing online shopping as the retail giants move in on the Australian market, however there’s still a strong argument for the human contact that provide customers with a sensory experience the online world just can’t compete with.

Matt Buchel, Editor-in-Chief of The Importa magazine, said that while online shopping is quick and easy, a good human contact is still close to most Aussie’s hearts.

“Touch, taste, smell, atmosphere and personalised customer service contribute greatly to the physical shopping experience and this traditional approach still holds great appeal for Aussie shoppers. A survey released last month by Rakuten’s APAC e-commerce report found that one-fifth of Australian shoppers prefer a trip to the shop.

“The online shopping market is slowing and with good reason, people buy from people even amazon as big as it may seem is only 4% of all sales and 50% of online sales, Walmart is 3 times the size of amazon why ? simple people buy from people that will never change,” Mr Buchel said


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