The 2017 Astana Expo kicked off at Kazakhstanon 10th June , 2017.

More than 100 countries and international organizations will join, and over 5 million visitors are coming for the Expo. The theme of the 2017 Astana Expo is “Energy of the Future”, and it is the first Expo held in Central Asian countries. From June 10 to Sep 10 , the exposition will last 93 days.

Nuctech's CT baggage inspection system for the Astana Expo

Nuctech’s CT baggage inspection system for the Astana Expo

Wherever there is big international event, we can see Nuctech’s security systems. To hold a successful Expo, security is always the first priority. For the Astana Expo, Nuctech provides over 130 sets of security systems including Cargo/Vehicle Inspection System, CT Baggage Inspection System, and X-Ray Inspection Systems. The installation and debugging started in April and finished in May, and the systems are going to be deployed in the logistics distribution centers, main channels, and conference centers of the Expo to check all the cargos, vehicles, and bags of visitors passing through.

The CT Baggage Inspection System used in this Expo is the next-generation CT Baggage Inspection System designed and manufactured by Nuctech. Equipped with several cutting-edge technologies, the product is able to get density, effective atomic number, and other information of the items being tested. Apart from colored HD 3D images, CT images, and DR images, the product can also detect EDS and narcotics automatically.

The committee of the Expo spoke highly of Nuctech’s products as well as services and invited local media to have a look, ” These Nuctech systems provide high quality images and are easy to use, our inspection effectiveness have been largely enhanced since we started to use these systems, and this has helped the Expo a lot .”


SOURCE Nuctech Company Limited


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