KUALA LUMPUR – Parfum D’Ailes & D’Hope Couture Fashion Show Grand Launching was held at Ali Grand Hall, Star Avenue on 31th July 2019. Shyleena Faridah Hope is a mother, wife and also a humble CEO of Mrs Asia Worldwide (M) Sdn Bhd. Besides, she also won the title of Mrs Asia Worldwide, Mrs Charisma Worldwide and Queen Ambassador Worldwide. Shyleena Faridah Hope has inspired many women out there.

“The inspiration to come up with the perfume idea came from my mother because we came from Majapahit, Indonesia and my mother dwells in the scent from her olden days.” said Shyleena.

Shyleena also said, it is her dream to come up with her own brand of perfume to make her mother proud. The perfume is formulated from France but it is packaged in Malaysia. There are two types of perfume which is not only for women but also for men.

Parfum D’Ailes & D’Hope, are her latest perfume collection. The meaning behind the brand. Parfum D’Ailes which is formulated for women is woman with a wing. This perfume represent independent in this modern world. It features the regal damask rose and jasmine sambac as the heart notes, with opening notes of coconut and honey, base notes of cedarwood with patchouli.

While, Parfum D’Hope is formulated for men and it is inspired from their family name, Hope is choosen as it is about family, empowerment and hardworking. Parfum D’Hope features an opening of uplifting pepper top note, with leather and vanilla heart notes, patchouli, vetiver and amber base notes.

If you are interested to get the perfume, please visit www.mrsasiaworldwide.com or you can set an appointment to meet Shyleena Faridah Hope at shyleena@gmail.com.

Reported by Maisarah Karina


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