Leading global oil and gas service provider, Sapura Energy Berhad (SEB) continues to attract local and international graduates seeking to work in top-ranking companies.

Recently Sapura Energy took part in the Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP) Annual Career Fair 2019 that attracted more than 5,000 visitors at UTP’s main campus in Tronoh, Perak.

Sapura Energy’s Talent Acquisition Manager, Sharil Shaari gave insights on what makes Sapura Energy one of the top 5 employers in Malaysia to provide a global career path (as mentioned in Human Capital Review report : Top 5 Malaysian Companies with Global Career Paths

He said Sapura Energy HR Recruitment Drive noticeable presence at the career fair aimed to boost promotional efforts in increasing the company’s brand awareness amongst students.

When asked on the talent and skills Sapura Energy focus on, Sharil mentioned the company is firm on emphasising the importance of having flexibility, adaptability and the ability to be versatile in Sapura’s dynamic working environment.

Interestingly enough, Sapura Energy’s working culture is aggressively shaped to provide a supportive and steep learning curve. Based on the company’s analysis, when potential candidates apply, they believe that Sapura Energy has the credibility to provide a result-driven working environment where progression of one’s career is guaranteed if the right amount of effort and determination is put in.

As a leading global oil and gas service provider, Sapura Energy continues to work on having a strong agile platform where even graduates of different background can explore. With the digital progression wave rapidly hitting, the company is aware of how young talents must stay relevant hence their continuous effort in nurturing diverse employees.

Young talents are now seeking for career opportunities where experience play a fundamental role. When asked on how Sapura Energy aid in one’s career progression in the long run, Sharil mentioned the need to  develop the learning of their employees by using their own structure to monitor and track employee’s growth. The company practice continuous feedback to ensure constructive reviews are able to turn into impactful action plans.

“To attract top talents, Sapura must capitalize on the company’s top selling point – flexibility. We want to recruit diverse teams of talent, provide an exponential learning curve and continue to support career development, but we need to project what we want to attract, and we are aggressively working on that”.

Sapura Energy is one of Malaysia’s leading Exploration and Production (E&P) company and one of the world’s largest integrated oil and gas services and solutions providers.

With a multinational workforce comprising over 7,500 employees spanning over 35 nationalities, comprehensive world-class assets and project management capabilities, the group’s global presence is visible in over 20 countries. This includes Malaysia, China, Australia, Brazil, the United States of America, as well as those in Western Africa and the Middle East.


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