The Armada Petaling Jaya Unveils A New and Improved ‘The Merchant’ (formerly known as Merchant Pub)

After 17 great years of operations as Merchant Pub, the familiar watering hole in Petaling jaya has now undergone a major makeover. Now, restyled and rebranded to The Merchant, the bar offers a swanky comfort akin to a hybrid of cosmopolitan New York bar and an updated London gentlemen’s club. Exuding elegance and style. The Merchant is well designed with a stunning long illuminated copper and wood bar that immediately commands full attention.

The Merchant serves up an enormous range of whiskies in addition to a full range of other liquors such as beer, brandy, gin, vodka and wine. The bar also offers an extensive menu of main courses and light bites to delight palates of all kind.

Different spaces are created catering to the various guests’ preferences. One such addition is ‘The Balcony’ an outdoor seating space with curious views overlooking the busy Federal Highway and the PJ skyline.

Another feature of the bar is the illuminated long and high Onyx Table and barstools perfect to cater to large groups, communal tastings or wine dinner events. Different types of high seating arrangements can also be found at the ‘Beer Barrel’ and “Chess” tables.

For those with a more sophisticated preference, a Cigar Lounge, where retro glamour meets contemporary style is chic yet relaxed. Enjoy the company of friends over a nightcap and fine cigar while listening to the soft sounds of smooth jazz and seductive lounge music.

A dedicated games area with bricked walls offers up a more rustic atmosphere. Here, guests can enjoy a game of pool or score a bullseye on the Electronic Darts Machines.

The Merchant makes for a perfect pre-dinner venue, a meeting place for after work drinks or work off the excess partying at the adjoining The Merchant Live, and end with an indulgent nightcap back at The Merchant.

The Merchant, a new paradigm in bar experience.


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