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The Malaysia Global Business Forum offers a wide range of services to CEO's and C-Level Executives on an ongoing basis. The services include the following: Stakeholder Management & Engagement (Government & Private Sector) Media Strategy & Roll-out Crisis Management Strategic Business Development Arrangement of C-Level Meetings Translation & Translator Services Body Guard & VIP Escort

Why Sarawak?

I bet, the title above is the most popular question we get when we say that we are doing something in Sarawak. It's either that, or we get the 'Uhh??", or "Where again?" or the infamous look which says that the person doesn't know what or where is Sarawak. Well, that's the beauty of Sarawak to

Arab Countries Seriously Looking At Investing In Malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 21 (Bernama) -- Arab countries are contemplating moving their funds to safer economies like Malaysia following the economic crisis in Europe and the United States, said Mohammed Al-Rabea, Secretary-General of the Council of Arab Economic Unity, The Arab League. "The economic crisis in Europe and the United States has affected the revenue of

Strategic Considerations: The Economic Value of Rivers

With the flood season looming close in Malaysia and southern Thailand the question of how rivers play an important role in people's lives will again come to the forefront. Following the COP21 discussions on how the economy needs to move to carbon neutral and eventually carbon zero, from where we sit today we are a

Is the Sphere of Influence Turning?

According to the latest brief of Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative (AMTI) the tension between China and its neighbors is growing. Vietnam and Philippines report of growing number of harassment of innocent fishermen by Chinese Coast Guard vessels. The concerns lead to further cooperation between the countries of South China Sea. Japan and Philippines conducted military

What Opportunities does a Green China Create?

As the stories of air pollution and environmental degradation continue to flow out of China, the question remains what is being done to fix it?  Bringing the problem to a common denominator is often the first step in the long process of a solution, as the following extracts from the Green Economy Report shows that

“Shaping Business Green”

Attend: "Shaping Business Green - Driving Investment" To be an important contributor to the Green Economy, your organisation may need to re-position its targets and aspirations, your key people need greater access to profitable ideas and top level decision makers that will have a positive impact to your bottom line moving forward. Overview The twin

Dato’ Dr. Eng Wei Chun

Dato’ Dr. Eng Wei Chun, Managing Director of Orando Holdings Sdn Bhd, is one of the leading developers in Malaysia, as a Quality Surveyor and Contractor he has experience handling the challenges of the construction industry for several years. Dato’ Dr. Eng has a passion for property development, was a dream he had when he

LED Lighting Malaysia’s Cutting Edge in Middle East

A delegation of comprising of Malaysia’s leading LED manufactures and lighting experts will participate in the Light Middle East, which is being held between the 6 to 8 October in Dubai. Malaysia has long done business in Middle Eastern markets, while the LED lighting sector is a relatively new export sector for Malaysian companies, other

The Value of Sharing Knowledge

Sharing Knowledge and Experience can happen on a daily basis but when it happens when you are breaking new ground in a new market there is an added bonus of knowing that you have made a difference. The following is taken from one of the Sarawak Bloggers recent post The Tireless Glenreagh Sdn. Bhd: "As