A Call for Participation to Young Creative Entrepreneurs and Innovators (15 – 35 Years of Age) from All Regions of the World!

Visit the Competition website at http://www.entrepreneurship-campus.org !

Submit your creative entries (Ideas & Projects) with a societal impact that will be posted for online voting and feedback from the public.

Through the competition process, youth entrepreneurs (15 – 35 years of age) will have the opportunity to optimize their ideas and develop their enterprise by receiving free online training at the Entrepreneurship Campus and support from the global online community.

The Competition is an activity of the Global Action Programme (GAP) on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD).

Hurry and be a part of a global community of creative youth entrepreneurs and innovators!

Deadline for the submission of entries is 31 July 2017!

The Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition is a global program and an online platform to mobilize youth-led innovations for the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The program fosters entrepreneurship education and incites young people around the world to develop their inherententrepreneurial skills and talents according to the motto: everybody is a potential entrepreneur.

Co-organized by the Goi Peace Foundation, Stiftung Entrepreneurship and Digital Experts United, the Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition has two components:

1) The Entrepreneurship Campus and 2) The Competition.

1. The Entrepreneurship Campus

The Entrepreneurship Campus is a multi-opportunity online platform, where young entrepreneurs and innovators (15 – 35 years of age) can register and be part of a global online community and learn to develop their entrepreneurial skills. Young people from all regions of the world are currently active on the Campus, exchanging their ideas and knowledge about entrepreneurship and supporting each other to develop their ideas and projects. The Campus Administrative Team supports Campus members with resource materials and by offering one-on-one advice upon request on a daily basis. Young people also have the opportunity to take a free online course in entrepreneurship education and refine their entrepreneurial skills.

2. The Competition

The Competition is the second component of the program. Campus members (15 – 35 years of age) are invited to submit their innovative ideas and projects with a societal impact, which champions and implements one or more of the 17 SDGs. After a screening process by the Campus Administrative Team, entries are posted for online voting and feedback from the public.

Winners of the Competition are announced at the annual Entrepreneurship Summit in Berlin in October 2017.

Visit the Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition website to take advantage of the free online training in entrepreneurship education at the Entrepreneurship Campus, and be a part of a global community of creative youth entrepreneurs!

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