What small and medium businesses need to know about addressing modern slavery in their supply chains and operations

While large corporates and multi-national organisations have access to internal and contracted teams to address compliance issues InterMondo have found that Small & Medium businesses may be opening themselves up to brand and financial risk purely because they don’t have the time or resources to address their supply chain.Changes in legislation and customer behavior are going to make addressing issues of modern slavery and rights violations in the supply chain a key factor for businesses of all sizes in 2018.

Our latest report shares some critical insights on modern slavery that all businesses need to be aware of in the coming years in the hopes of helping you start a dialogue with stakeholders in your business.

InterMondo specialise in consulting with businesses to help navigate cultural and social issues that may arise when conducting business on a global scale.

We’d welcome a chance to hear more about your international plans and help you work through any difficulties you may be facing in your current business.

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