Almost all buildings in Nagpur City in India have not complied with all the norms to be certified as a ‘green building’, as stated by the Confederation of Real Estate Developers Associations of India (CREDAI).


According to Prashant Sarode, Maharashtra president of CREDAI, architects and constructors in Nagpur have failed to follow almost 20% of the norms regarding energy efficient initiatives which indicates that none of the buildings’ structure could meet any green certification standard. While there is lack of green building initiatives in some parts of India, the growing issue remains to be the level of awareness in the construction sector for green buildings.

According to Paramjeet Ahuja, chairman of Indian Institute of Architects in Nagpur, the main green norm challenge for architects is in the building orientation, which is the practice of positioning the building in such a way to efficiently use the sun’s free energy.

Anagha Paranjape, an architect, added that by fulfilling the green building criteria, people can receive Greeha certification supported by MNRE. The Indian Green Building Council will then inspect just how much criteria the building has fulfilled. For example, if the buildings fulfill more than 7o out of 100 in its green criteria, the organization will rate the building accordingly and the chance of getting certified becomes higher.

In the future, green building certification will be a new trend for India. A lot of companies are thus eager to get in line with the norms so that they get their buildings certified. Getting a green certification means that the building has credibility to claim an eco-friendly image, while also cutting down on expensive electricity bills.



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