Deer Jet, the largest business jet company in Asia, recently launched “Hong Kong-Tahiti Dream Journey”. In addition to enjoying 7 nights of a presidential suite in a local top-level five-star hotel, passengers will take the unique 787 Dream Jet between Hong Kong and Tahiti.

787 Dream Jet was formally taken over by Deer Jet on September 19, 2016 . This jet has a spacious 220m 2 cabin. Passengers can savor delicacies supplied by Four Seasons Hotel high in the sky and appreciate Primrose Tiara (there are only four Primrose Tiara crowns in the world) in the bedroom on board. This 787 is praised as “the most perfect business jet in the world” the first time it was launched.

Zhang Peng regarded 787 Dream Jet introduced by HNA Group and taken over by Deer Jet as an opportunity for Deer Jet’s strategic upgrading. Facing the restoring global business aviation market, Deer Jet will try a brand new business model, with an ambition to be a world-leading company in business aviation market.

Without a doubt, the service price of 787 is costly. External services offered by business aircraft are charged hourly. The standard fee for a Gulfstream G550 is about RMB100,000 /hour, while that of 787 Dream Jet reaches about RMB500,000 /hour. However, the flights for the Dream Jet have been booked through June.

Over the years, HNA Group has expanded into numerous directions and acquired quite a few high-quality resources and now it has unintentionally entered a stage of resource integration. In this regard, Deer Jet proposes a new branding idea of “making travel an art” and extends its tentacles to every aspect of high-end business travel.

“There are still changes in the overseas market. China put forward the ‘Belt and Road’ at that time, so we decided to make a strategic adjustment and lay our focus on the international market instead of the domestic market, accelerate our internationalization course and extend our outbound industry chain,” saidChang Peng .

In fact, 787 Dream Jet took the lead in operating in international market. According to Zhang Peng , Deer Jet will park a plane in the Middle East throughout the year, with a view to serve local customers.

According to Zhang Peng , “We are committed to building a world-leading high-end business travel service brand on behalf of China in the near future.”




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